Tanzanite Periphery Ring
Tanzanite Periphery Ring
Melanie Casey

Tanzanite Periphery Ring

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  • Tanzanite, 3x5mm emerald cut
  • 14 SI white diamonds, 1mm to 1.5mm
  • Solid 14k yellow gold

The periphery is the outer limit, the boundary. We all have limits, though some are more defined than others. Within your limits, there is safety and comfort, but there is also freedom. When you are within your boundary, you have the ability to expand, and to perhaps push that boundary to further reaches of possibility. 

The Periphery ring celebrates the delineated boundaries we have, and also encourages their expansion. A bright tanzanite is suspended, as if on air, in the midst of a halo of sparkling white diamonds. The space between the focal stone and the boundary of diamonds represents the room we have to grow and change within and outside of our own limitations. Delicate and strong, the Periphery ring is a reminder of the limits of our limits. 

In store this MAY! Yellow Gold Size 6

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