Negative Spaces Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Ring
Atelier Narce

Negative Spaces Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Ring

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Negative Spaces  Rose Cut Diamond Cluster Ring is a one of a kind masterpiece.

Different shades of rosey colored rose cut diamonds set in 14K Yellow Gold!

Ready to ship in Size 7 14K Yellow Gold

From the MAKER: "The jewelry in these collections has been hand-crafted based on impressions of ancient Near Eastern seals and in XVlll-XlX rendering of pieces of art of the classical antiquity. Inspiration is drawn from the pieces of art they depict themselves or from great works of literature. The influence of Marcel Proust's "In Search of Lost Time" is significant in the latest collection, The Gold of Memories. As in the book, we intent to convey the mystery, the puzzle and the wonder of our personal memories -remembered or forgotten- but still sleeping somewhere inside of us.

Our mission is to make jewelry that is modern and wearable and yet transcends time and civilization."

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