Dirty Dude


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Dirty Dude Beard Oil #2 is the perfect summer beard oil composed of a refreshing resinous base notes, woody heart notes and a citrus top notes. A refreshing and uplifting formula to condition face and beard while promoting powers of stability, clarity and protection.

Directions: Drop out desired amount of oil (3-10 drops) into palm, rub between hands and apply to beard and mustache area.

Ingredients: Oils of Jojoba, Avocado, Argan, Kukui, castor and essential oil blend

Uses: Beard oil is used to maintain a healthy and good looking beard. It minimizes fly aways and softens coarse facial hair of any length. Prevents itch and acne underneath the beard by keeping the skin clean, balanced and hydrated.

Side Note: Beard oil is still a useful grooming tool for even the seasonal bearded man. Add a few drops directly to your razor for a smoother shave. Also very nice as an oil based cologne or aftershave oil.

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