When to Shop for An Engagement Ring

So, you’re thinking about spending the rest of your life with your partner. First of all: how awesome is that? Congratulations on finding the one and getting ready to propose! But you may be totally lost on when to shop for an engagement ring, or even how to pull it off. As an experienced seller of New Jersey engagement rings, we’ve got all the details on when to buy an engagement ring for your incredible partner.

Discussing Marriage with Your Partner

Let’s take a step back before we start ring shopping. It may be tempting to head straight to the jewelry store once you know they’re the one. But first and foremost, be sure to discuss marriage with your partner to make sure you’re on the same page. You’ll want to know the answer to the big question before you even ask it.

Choosing an Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a lifelong investment, and you’ll want to make sure you pick out the right one for your partner. Some couples choose to shop together for the ring, but make the proposal itself a surprise. Others let their partner take the lead on the engagement ring and wait for the big day… whatever the case is, let’s make sure you’re prepared with something beautiful.

Knowing Your Partner’s Taste for a Perfect Engagement Ring

Is your partner someone who loves to drop hints? Or are they more of the Pinterest-and-pray type of partner? Think of ways you can better understand your partner’s taste prior to purchasing an engagement ring. Some people aren’t even interested in a diamond ring versus other gems – it’s important to know what they’re looking to wear for the rest of their life.

Understand the Values Your Partner Holds

When it’s time to buy a diamond ring, understanding your partner’s values is incredibly important. That’s why at Love Locked, we’re sure to source stones that are conflict-free, goods that are repurposed, and merchandise that is fair-trade. Be sure to know what’s important to the love of your life when you’re buying them high-quality jewelry for a lifetime.

Ask Friends for Help with Choosing

If you’re not really sure how to choose the engagement ring, enlist help from family or friends. Your partner may have siblings, parents, or friends who are willing and able to help with your mission. They can get a sense of taste and style in diamond engagement rings prior to your ring shopping journey.

Starting Your Ring Shopping Journey

There’s a great deal of importance on this one (slightly stressful) shopping experience. Whether you’re shopping together or keeping it secret, there can be a lot of nerves behind this purchase. Don’t panic – we’ve got your back throughout this experience. As top New Jersey engagement ring jewelers, we’re ready to provide unique styles and fine jewelry for all tastes.

Start Shopping to Buy a Ring After Your Conversation

Once you’re clear on future goals and expectations with your partner, it’s time to start engagement ring shopping. There’s no set timeline on when to buy a ring in a relationship, so make sure the time feels right with the two of you. If specific expectations have been set out, work within those, but otherwise shop as you’re comfortable to do so.

Be Clear on Your Engagement Ring Budget

Before you get ready to buy a ring, be clear on the budget for an engagement ring. This will help NJ jewelers like us tailor to your specific needs. We want to be sure to provide the right carat weights and stones to fit your vision. If you’re not sure what to budget for, take a peek through our wedding jewelry section to get a sense of the typical engagement ring price range.

Consider Delivery Times for Engagement Rings

Delivery times can vary for engagement rings depending on stock and sizing requests. At some stores you can buy the ring and walk out on the same day. With others, you can expect a 4-6 week turnaround depending on the jeweler and stock. Be sure to chat with your New Jersey engagement ring jeweler ahead of time on timeline expectations.

What Time of Year to Propose

Once you’ve got the ring, it’s time to pop the question! But what’s the best time of year to pop the question? The answer really is any time, but if you’re not sure, we’ve got some suggestions for you. Consider proposing at one of these times of year.

Proposing Around Valentine’s Day

The absolute classic: a Valentine’s Day proposal. It doesn’t get more romantic than a day celebrating love, right? Ask that incredible question and present a center stone to the center of your world on Valentine’s Day for a love-filled celebration and a memorable anniversary.

Popping the Question Around the Holidays

Another major time of year for proposals is around the winter holidays. From Thanksgiving to New Years more couples get engaged than any other time of year. It’s a great time for togetherness, and also to show off your beautiful engagement ring to family and friends! 

Consider Special Times in Your Relationship

The best time of year to propose is that which is special to your relationship. Think about your dating anniversary and other special times in your partnership – are any of those dates ideal to pop the question? Make sure to choose a memorable date in your timeline that reflects the love you’ve shared thus far.

Should You Buy a Wedding Ring with the Engagement Ring?

You might wonder if buying wedding bands at the same time is the smart and/or economical thing to do. That totally depends on the nature of your engagement ring shopping experience. Will you be shopping together for a diamond ring, or separately? If you’re shopping separately, consider that your partner might want to have a say in the wedding band afterward.

Having a Shared Experience in Buying Wedding Rings

Buying your wedding bands can be a super fun, shared experience. Consider saving the shopping for wedding rings until after you propose for an even more intimate experience with your partner. Choosing bands together will be another wonderful part of your wedding planning process that will make you even more excited for the future.

Choosing When to Shop for an Engagement Ring

The most important part of shopping for an engagement ring is finding the right time for your relationship. How soon or far into a relationship doesn’t matter: what does matter is that you’re both ready to take the next step. As a New Jersey engagement ring jeweler, we’re ready to help you make the best and most unique choice for your partnership. Reach out for a virtual appointment to get started on your forever, today.