Engagement Rings vs. Wedding Rings: What’s the Difference?

The whole process of buying lifelong jewelry is a brand new process for so many people. You may be a little confused as to the different types of commitment rings. So, let’s talk about engagement rings vs. wedding rings: what’s the difference? Are they one and the same?

As one of the most trusted sources for NJ engagement rings, we’ve put together a thorough guide on buying your wedding jewelry. We absolutely love what we do as a New Jersey jeweler and feature pieces for each and every unique taste. Let’s talk through the major differences between these two types of bands.

What Is an Engagement Ring?

First and foremost, let’s establish the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring. For first-time buyers, this can be a confusing distinction. When you buy an engagement ring, it’s typically to propose to your significant other and establish that you’re going to get married. This is different than a wedding ring, as your wear the engagement ring before you tie the knot.

Why Do People Wear Engagement Rings?

Wearing the engagement ring is symbolic to your partner that you are betrothed. Some couples choose to buy an engagement ring together, while others treat the engagement ring as a surprise. Discuss with your partner what their preference is before proposing. After all, engagement rings are often worn for life, and are hugely based on personal preference.

Does an Engagement Ring Have to Be Diamond?

Engagement rings don’t have to be diamond, and some don’t even have stones at all! There are so many options when it comes to engagement rings. Instead of diamonds, some women wear birth stones or other precious stones that they prefer to diamond engagement rings. There are also diamond alternatives like moissanite that couples prefer for varying reasons.

Who Wears an Engagement Ring?

Many couples will just have one partner wear the engagement ring, while others choose to have both partners wear rings. It all depends on your personal preference – how would you like to show the world you’re engaged? In fact, not all couples choose to wear an engagement ring. Some people prefer just to have a wedding band.

Do You Need an Engagement Ring?

Whether or not you buy an engagement ring is up to you two as a partnership. Some couples don’t even want or need an engagement ring, and that’s their prerogative! Every relationship comes with different traditions, and a ring may or may not be a part of that. In modern times, couples will sometimes just agree to get married without a formal proposal and ring.

What Is a Wedding Ring?

Now that we’ve established what an engagement ring is, let’s talk engagement rings vs. wedding rings - what’s the difference? Wedding rings are symbolic of the union you’ve just created in marriage. You typically wear your wedding rings after you are officially married. During the wedding ceremony, it’s common for couples to exchange rings as a symbol of their unity.

Do Wedding Rings Have Diamonds in Them as Well?

The amazing thing about wedding rings is that they can be whatever you want them to be! There are tons of styles of wedding ring to match your engagement ring, or to be a standalone piece. When it comes to wedding jewelry, there’s traditionally a diamond involved somewhere… but who needs traditions when you can make your own?

Should You Buy an Engagement/Wedding Ring Set?

When at jewelry stores, you may be faced with both an engagement ring and wedding band set. It’s up to you on whether you want to buy a bridal set, but consider what your partner may want before you do. Shopping for wedding bands is a beautiful shared experience for couples where they can assess their tastes and figure out what each other wants.

Assessing Taste for Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

When wedding rings are exchanged, you’ll want it to be a ring you’ll wear for the rest of your life. Whether that means a simple white gold eternity band, or elaborate fine jewelry with more intricate details, you’ll want it to exactly match your partner’s taste. Be sure that if you’re planning to buy both an engagement ring and wedding band together, you’re choosing a set they’ll love forever.

Physical Differences Between Engagement and Wedding Bands

Rings for engagements typically have a featured stone or standout piece, while wedding bands are more subdued. When it comes to wearing both, finding ring combinations that suit each other well is key. For example, if you are proposing with a rose gold ring, a yellow gold wedding band will probably not be the best fit… or maybe it will be! Again, it’s all up to personal preference and taste.

Do You Have to Wear Both an Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring?

After you tie the knot, do you still have to wear your engagement ring? This comes down to personal preference for each couple. Some people love the added sparkle of their gorgeous ring, while others may have more hands-on jobs that require a simpler band on a day-to-day basis. Whatever the case is, just remember that this wedding jewelry is incredibly special to your relationship.

Engagement Rings vs. Wedding Rings in New Jersey

We feature dozens of styles including diamonds, precious gems, and vintage-inspired rings for couples to choose from. If you’re hoping for a totally surprise engagement, have your partner’s friends help to suss out their favorite ring styles. Or, if you only know some key words like ‘white gold’ but aren’t sure what else to look for, don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Finding a New Jersey Jeweler for Ring Shopping

Feeling like you’re ready to start shopping for engagement and wedding rings? We’ve got you covered. As a unique NJ jeweler, we provide couples with tons of options to wear their love on their finger. Reach out and let us know what type of New Jersey engagement rings you’re looking for – or, if you’re not sure yet, let us help you through the process.