Do You Need to Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring?

There is a major question on the mind of someone thinking of proposing: do you need to buy a diamond engagement ring? What’s the deal with diamond engagement rings anyway? Let’s go through some of the options for proposing to your partner with a gorgeous ring. Regardless of whether or not it’s a diamond, you have options for a perfect piece of fine jewelry to last a lifetime.

Why Do People Propose With Diamond Engagement Rings?

Historically, people have proposed with diamond engagement rings. This states all the way back to the 1400s and carries on even into today’s modern society. The short and sweet of it all: diamonds are forever. Does that mean you have to propose with a diamond engagement ring? Not necessarily.

Traditional Diamond Engagement Rings

If your partner is a fan of traditional diamond engagement rings, definitely look into diamonds. But, they may be interested in alternatives to a typical single diamond on a gold band. Let’s think about the different ways you can propose with a diamond engagement ring.

Unique Designs for Diamond Engagement Rings

Having a unique design for a diamond engagement ring will make your diamond-loving partner happy. It will also give them something unique that looks like no one else’s engagement ring. Whether that’s having a super uniquely designed engagement band, or just the way that the time in the set, you have options for tailoring a diamond engagement ring to your partner.

Adding Diamonds and Designs to the Band

Most rings focus on a central stone. But you can make the ring a completely unique piece of jewelry by adding things to the band. Whether you’re adding more gyms, or adding unique designs, you can come up with the perfect ring. Some couples even like to add inscriptions on the ring to make it truly a part of their story.

Vintage Engagement Rings with Diamonds

Another option for couples who love diamond rings but want something a little different is to look at vintage rings. Older styles of engagement ring are super unique and beautiful. Whether that’s a family ring, or a unique vintage diamond ring from a New Jersey jeweler.

Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

One thing a diamond, but not sure if you want a real one? Lab-grown diamonds are an alternative to traditional engagement rings. Take a look at rings that have lab-grown diamonds. You can get some super unique designs, and feel good about where your diamonds have come from. As well, these rings tend to be on the more affordable side.

Different Types of Diamonds

Turns out, not all diamonds are shiny and clear! Many of them come with different colors or unique traits. Your partner may be a fan of black diamonds, for example - a unique and edgy way to agree to forever. Look at the different options for stones like yellow diamonds, black diamonds, and more.

Diamond Ring Alternatives for Engagements

Not every engagement ring is diamond. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly more common not to use diamonds in the traditional sense. Some couples are concerned about the ethics of certain diamond production, while others just prefer the look and feel of a different type of stone. Let’s go through some of the alternative options for a unique engagement ring.

Using Precious Stones for Engagement Rings

Using precious gems for an engagement ring can be a colorful and totally unique way to propose. Think about your partner’s birthstone or colors they were a lot of. Finding something to beautifully complement your partner’s taste in a colorful gemstone can be a great way of foregoing the traditional diamond engagement ring.

Should You Use Pearls for Engagement Rings?

A question that has been brought up ever since Ariana Grande‘s iconic engagement ring is whether or not to use pearls for these forever bands. Pearls are a weaker and more delicate addition to an engagement ring. Consider a harder gym as opposed to a pearl. You’ll want to make sure this ring truly does last forever.

Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite he’s another popular alternative to classic diamond engagement rings. These shiny gems are extremely sparkly, and they look just like diamonds. Most people will never know the difference. Consider this if you’d like to go for the diamond look, but make it a little more affordable. Plus, seriously, the amount of sparkle from this type of gem is wild.

Choosing an Engagement Ring Your Partner Will Love

at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that the engagement ring will be worn by your partner for the rest of their life. I want to make sure you choose something that is along the lines of their preferences. If they love diamonds, look for unique engagement rings with diamonds. If they’re more of a gemstone person, there are so many options.

As New Jersey engagement ring jewelers, we love to help couples figure out what the best option is to propose to their partner. Let us know what your partner’s preferences seem to be, and we’re happy to help you pick out something wonderful.